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The Italian language course for foreigners: Un tuffo nell'azzurro

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Un tuffo nell’azzurro is a new Italian language and culture course for foreigners created by means of Patrizia Bacci’s practical teaching experience and perfected thanks to Giovanni Zambardino’s precious collaboration. Teachers and their students from all over the world kept in touch directly throughout the editing, correcting and updating of the texts by sharing their teaching experience whilst using the course in class and by giving their personal advice and opinions.

Un tuffo nell'azzurro: who the course is for and how it works

This Italian language and culture course is suitable for people of all ages and conforms with the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is based on a communicative approach in which the student is motivated and encouraged to participate with the other classmates and the teacher from the very first lesson in order to develop the four language skills:

  1. listening,
  2. speaking,
  3. reading,
  4. writing.

Un tuffo nell'azzurro: how the course is structured

The course is divided into two levels: A1-A2 and B1-B2.

Both levels use photographs and drawings to describe the Italian life style and many aspects of our culture from all angles.

Each level consists of:

  • A student’s book, available with or without audio CD.
  • A workbook.
  • Student’s book key and workbook key.


Are you a teacher? Are you interested in knowing more about our Italian language course for foreigners Un tuffo nell’azzurro?

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Italian Version
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